Affiliate Program

Friendsheep's Affiliate Program

Where bloggers, website owners, and internet marketing gurus promote Friendsheep products and earn commission promoting fair trade, cruelty free products!

Not only can you join our team and help spread the word about your favorite products, you can get rewarded for your efforts. Our system tracks referrals and pays top commissions for every client you send our way.

What do we offer?

  1. 6% commission on all purchases that are credited to you
  2. A personalized affiliate link
  3. A personalized coupon code valid for 10% off any product

How Does It Work?

 It's simple! 

  1. Sign up through our Affiliate Portal and select your desired personalized coupon code
  2. We'll review your account within one business day
  3. Once approved, you will receive your personalized affiliate link, and your personalized coupon code will become active
  4. From now on when a customer follows your link any purchase within 30 days will be credited to your account
  5. Your coupon code will be valid for a 10% off discount. You can use it to promote any product, and any purchase where your personal code is used will be credited to your account.

Friendsheep's Affiliate Program is for bonafide businesses referring customers to our site to place orders for themselves only. It is not intended for personal use. Friendsheep reserves the right to audit any account for compliance at the company’s discretion.

Ready to join?

Sign up here!


Those registered with a wholesale account are exempt from the affiliate program.
Affiliate customer agrees to not sell via means that conflict with Friendsheep's sales and marketing efforts.